Get Your Currency Score

Currency Score™ is a powerful Foreign Exchange BI platform for SMEs.

To generate your reports, you'll need to upload previous international payment data from your accounting system. This can be done privately and safely via CSV upload.
Follow our guide to export, anonymise and upload previous payment data from your accounting software. We've used Xero as an example.

💡 If you need any assistance, or would like to discuss our accounting software integrations - please contact us.

Login to your Xero account

You can log in to your Xero account on the Xero website here.


Navigate to the ‘Payable Invoice Detail’ report

This can be located by clicking on ‘Accounting’ in the main navigation menu, then selecting ‘Reports’ from the dropdown.

The ‘Payable Invoice Detail’ report can be found under the ‘Payables and Receivables' heading.

Customise the report and export

  • Select ‘Original Currency’ and ‘Currency Rate’ in the ‘Columns’ drop down menu.
  • Set the Date Range - we recommend providing as much data as possible. Remember, this data can be anonymised in a later step.
  • Click the ‘Update’ button.
  • Export the report as an ‘Excel’ file in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Well done! You now have the option to anonymise the data by removing supplier names and transaction descriptions before upload. If you'd like to skip this step and proceed to upload, just click the button below.

Skip and upload CSV

Open the Excel file

Open the downloaded file in Microsoft Excel. We will now anonymise any data that identifies your suppliers or transaction information.


Anonymise the data set

  • Overwrite all of the transaction descriptions. This can be done quickly by renaming the first two transaction descriptions (e.g. ‘Transaction 1’ and ‘Transaction 2’), highlighting those two cells, and using Excel's flash fill feature to do the rest.
  • Change any supplier names you would like to anonymise to 'Supplier 1', 'Supplier 2', etc.
  • Remove any other information you see fit.
  • Save the file as CSV

Great work! We're now ready to upload your CSV. You can submit your data to get your Currency Score using the form below.

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