As Accountants, this Xero add-on app allowed us to consult with our business clients on their FX for the first time. The Fluenccy app shows them where they have lost money in the past and how to save it going forward. The supporting service is excellent also.
Con Kilias
C A Kilias & Co
We didn’t think we did enough FX to save much money, but we do. We found the Fluenccy app on Xero and it was really quick to see how much we lost and really simple to makes some changes to stop that going forward. They connected us up with a really good fintech too.
Linda Galli
Screenprint Concepts, Australia
We need to be precise in the medical device industry. Fluenccy gives us that same level of precision over or FX rates and import costs.
James Kydd
Infiniti Medical
We had to take control over the price of our steel. Fluenccy helped us do that really simply. We didn't even have to change banks. We can now get back to making beautiful steel pieces for our customers.
Michael Amore
Amore Made
I can see this app being the future solution for growing SME’s trying to get better rates given the lack of expert FX guidance available to them from their banks and FinTechs in the UK market.
Simon Miles
Managing Director
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What is Fluenccy?

Unlike big businesses who have specialist resources to help with fluctuating international currencies, SMEs often end up wasting thousands on foreign invoices each year. That’s why we built Fluenccy.

Fluenccy offers unique data-driven tools and expert in-app coaching to manage your foreign invoices, and build a tailored plan for better currency rates.

The result? Better rates on foreign invoices and increased business profit.

For Accountants

Review your client’s historical foreign invoice costs, and advise them on how to plan for better rates in the future. Connect with Xero, import a CSV, or connect to an ERP - whatever suits you.

Fluenccy for Accountants

For SMEs

Plan for better, more consistent FX rates on your invoices with Fluenccy's unique Currency Score and game changing in-app resources. Reduce foreign exchange loss and maximise your bottom-line.

Fluenccy for SMEs

Find out what you could have paid with Currency Score

Currency Score provides comprehensive, easily digestible reports of your foreign invoice costs over the last 12 months - all without the jargon.

Get Your Currency Score

Payment Variance

View how much your foreign invoices varied over time.

Performance Charting

Chart how you’ve performed against your industry benchmark.

FX Purchases

Get the full picture on 12 months of foreign currency purchases in a single snapshot.

Make more informed currency decisions, just like the big guys

Gains and Losses

Keep tabs on how much you purchased in each currency and where your realised gains and losses were.

Rate benchmarks

See what exchange rate you achieved last year and how that compared to the market and industry benchmark.

Risk benchmarks

Understand what amount you've been risking with your current strategy and how that compares to your industry benchmark.


Gain insight into the accuracy of your forecasting to better plan your future currency needs

SMEs & Accountants Trust Fluenccy

Working With You

We don’t sell currency. Fluenccy’s technology works to understand your business, so you get the right rate, at the right time, from your chosen provider.

Built By Experts

Fluenccy was created by leading professionals with proven 30+ years’ experience in making currency for business simple.

Security + Data Privacy

Security is our top priority. We're committed to keeping your data safe, secure, and private. Learn more about our data privacy here.

"SMEs don’t have the time and tools to compete in foreign exchange. They repeatedly get caught out with poor rates that cost them more on their invoices. We set out to fix this old financial problem using new technology."

Tony Crivelli - CEO & Co-Founder of Fluenccy

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Build your new currency plan for higher productivity & profit

Protect the costs of your foreign invoices with a better currency management plan and spend less time trying to get the rate your business needs.

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Fluenccy Xero Integration

Start getting better rates with Fluenccy today

Monitor and improve your international invoice rates and benefit from tailored in-app coaching. Load your invoices one at a time, or integrate with Xero in just one click.

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