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As a software company, our top priority is data security and ensuring best practice around privacy and accessibility. Here’s some answers to questions you may have.

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What data is required to use Fluenccy?

In order to review your past foreign currency invoices and provide a Currency Score, Fluenccy requires some invoice and payment information. 

We have developed a number of ways that you can provide this information.

You can use our secure and approved Xero Integration, provide a CSV or Excel file, or even connect Fluenccy with your ERP software. 

Whichever option you choose, we only use the relevant data from your foreign currency invoices and payments that help us import, track and score your foreign currency costs.

This is the full list of data we may need to securely connect: 

  • Organisation Currency
  • Invoice ID
  • Invoice Status
  • Invoice Type
  • Invoice Date Due
  • Invoice Date
  • Invoice Total
  • Invoice Currency Code
  • Invoice Currency Rate
  • Invoice Amount Due
  • Invoice Amount Paid
  • Invoice Contact Name
  • Payment Payment Id
  • Payment Status
  • Payment Type
  • Payment Invoice ID
  • Payment Date
  • Payment Amount
  • Payment Currency Code
  • Payment Currency Rate

We don’t use or have access to any other parts of your Xero account, including bank account details and payment methods. That’s for your eyes only.

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How much data is synced?

Your unique Currency Score takes into account your last 12 months of invoice payments. To make sure we capture the corresponding invoices though, we pull up to 24 months of data to match and reconcile the numbers accurately. We understand those long overdue invoices!

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Is any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) used?

The only non-numerical data Fluenccy uses is the Invoice Issuer, which is usually the business name. No other details, such as individual contact names or addresses are pulled or accessed.

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What platform is data hosted on?

Fluenccy is hosted on Salesforce’s Heroku, a platform trusted by some of the world’s best in class developers. 

Heroku is certified with the US-EU Safe Harbour Framework and the US-Swiss Safe Harbour Framework. Set by the US Department of Commerce and the European Union, these standards ensure companies using Heroku automatically comply with the EU’s data protection laws - the leading and most stringent laws in the field.

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How is data transferred securely?

All data is securely encrypted with HTTPS technology, just like internet banking.

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Do I retain ownership of the data even after integration?

Absolutely. The data is always yours, Fluenccy never takes ownership of this.

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Can I disconnect my data and delete my account?

 Yes - when you delete your Fluenccy account, your data is automatically disconnected. 

To get specific:  

  • For Xero integrations, you can disconnect Fluenccy at any time. Just follow this guide
  • For CSV uploads, you can manually delete and disconnect as needed. 
  • For ERP software, it’s simply a case of disconnecting from the ERP end and deleting existing data in Fluenccy. 
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I’m an Accountant or Financial Advisor, can I integrate with Fluenccy on behalf of my clients?

The short answer is yes. 


Fluenccy is a third-party Xero integration meaning there are no exchange of contracts or new purchases needed, which would require additional client sign-off. 

Also, as you’ll already hold an Advisor or Standard User role, you’re able to recommend, connect and disconnect apps on behalf of your clients as per Xero T&Cs. 


As their trusted advisor, often you are covered to integrate with third-party tools on the basis it will help your client.

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