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Fluenccy introduces automation into the FX arena for financial businesses without the heavy tech investment or complicated process changes.

Our embedded finance solution meets the growing demands for secure, self-serve platforms that streamline the customer experience and keeps you competitive in the ever-growing financial sector.

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How does Fluenccy Work?

Fluenccy seamlessly integrates with your existing business processes via API. With the ability to be white-labelled and used on any device, Fluenccy automates and enhances the end-to-end FX experience for your customers.

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1. Sign Up

Sign your customer up for Fluenccy and sync their past invoice data.

2. Review Currency Score

Currency Score's powerful reporting gives the customer unparalleled insights into their foreign payments performance over the last 12 months.

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3. Learn from Currency Coaching

Our automated coaching assistant helps customers understand their foreign invoice costs and risks, and how they can plan ahead for future savings.

4. Plan and Manage Future Invoices

Your customer can then optimise and automate their foreign currency needs with our Invoice Manager.

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Key Features

Currency Score

Enable your client to easily understand how their current FX strategy is performing against the industry benchmark.

Learn more about Currency Score

Powerful Reporting

Provide your customers with powerful reporting tools to truly understand the costs of their foreign invoices over time.

Invoice Manager

Fluenccy's Invoice Manager provides customers with a secure portal to upload invoices and manage their upcoming foreign currency requirements. Customers can build a hedging plan in just a few clicks to reduce risk and plan ahead for savings.

Learn more about our Invoice Manager

Seamless Data Integration

Utilise our powerful API for easy cloud integration with your business systems and processes. Plus, Fluenccy can integrate with your customer's accounting software for end-to-end simplicity.

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