Take control of your foreign invoices

From the time an international invoice is raised, the 'real' local cost can rise by the second – impacting your profit margin.

Large corporations have specialist tools and expertise to manage foreign currency volatility but SMEs often go without - on average, losing $21,600 when paying their foreign invoices each year.

That's where Fluenccy can help.

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Currency Score

Understand how your business is performing against the industry benchmark, and how you could save.

Currency Score

Invoice Manager

Invoice Manager empowers you to upload, manage, and plan for savings on international invoices.

Invoice Manager


Fluenccy provide seamless, automated invoice payments via our trusted partners - Ebury and Navigate.


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2. Get your Currency Score

Currency Score's powerful reporting provides you with actionable insights into your foreign invoice performance over the last 12 months.

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3. Select your Savings Plan

Sync your upcoming invoices, set up an automated invoice Savings Plan, and let our AI and payment integrations save your business money.

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Supporting SMEs to make more informed payment decisions


Cheaper than paying via bank


Less loss on foreign exchange


Transparent on every invoice

Build your new currency plan for higher productivity & profit

Spend less time trying to get the rate your business needs, and protect the costs of your foreign invoices with a better currency management plan.

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Security + Data Privacy

We're committed to keeping your data safe, secure, and private. Learn more about our data privacy here.

Built By Experts

Fluenccy was created by leading professionals with proven experience in making currency for business simple. We've been doing this for years.

Trusted Coach

We offer the tools and coaching to find the right rate, with the right provider, for each business.

"SMEs don’t have the time and tools to save on foreign invoices. They repeatedly get caught out with poor rates that cost them more on their payments. We set out to fix this old financial problem using new technology."

Tony Crivelli - CEO & Co-founder of Fluenccy

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