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We're proud to partner with some incredible companies.

Xero: Our Integration Partner

During our build, we knew pretty quickly that Xero had to be our integration partner. With their intuitive design, success in making the complicated simple and their aim to serve the small business community with innovative tools, our missions and values aligned perfectly from the start. 

As one of the world’s fastest growing SaaS companies, Xero is trusted by over 2.7 million small businesses, accountants and bookkeepers globally. 

And one of the best bits? They invite even further insight and information to their users through the Xero App Marketplace, so small businesses can take advantage of new technologies (just like the big corporates) and continue to grow. 

We’re official Xero Partners and proud owners of Xero Certification, so we like to say the respect and feeling is mutual. 

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Heroku: Our Secure Hosting Partners

Fluenccy is hosted on Salesforce’s Heroku, one of the world’s leading PaaS, known for its app-centric approach and strong focus on data security and compliance.  

Built by developers and used by some of the best worldwide, we chose Heroku for its agility and scalability, and it’s stringent security, privacy and compliance policy. 

It was always our priority to partner with a host we can trust and Heroku’s regular audits and certifications in PCI, HIPAA, ISO and SOC means we’ve been able to confidently build and launch a certified app. 

Trust and proof of security is the real deal breaker in today’s data-driven world, and we have taken no risks. 

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Dovetail: Our Launch Partner

The partnership between Dovetail and Fluenccy combines the best foreign currency and tech talent in the world. We think so, anyway.

While we had this vision to simplify foreign currency management and enable better rates for more business, Dovetail had the team to bring it to life.  

Being the tech builders behind some of the latest FinTech disruptors including Afterpay, Dovetail thoughtfully designed and built the Fluenccy app to suit enterprise scale.

As Dovetail continues to assist our evolution into the next phase of build and independence, our partnership can be summarised in the words of Benjamin Franklin, 

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

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