Invoice Manager - the smarter, cheaper way to pay international invoices.

Fluenccy's Invoice Manager empowers your business to manage international invoices and target significant savings with an automated AI currency plan - saving you time & money.

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Take control of international invoices.

Easily send or sync your payable international invoices to Invoice Manager and set up a savings plan with a few clicks. Fluenccy's unique AI works day and night to save you time and money on international bills.


cheaper than the banks


less loss on FX markets


transparent on every deal

Reduce FX loss and volatility in your business

Unlike big businesses with specialist resources to help with fluctuating international currencies, SMEs often waste thousands on foreign invoices each year. That's where Fluenccy comes in. Fluenccy's intelligent software can reduce losses by approximately 2.6x.

Say hello to Currency Coach

Our coaching bot helps you understand your FX risks and opportunities, and provides assistance to help you plan for invoice savings.

How does Invoice Manager work?

1. See your upcoming invoices

Fluenccy enables you to easily send or sync upcoming invoices and information from your accounting software.

2. Understand invoice risks and opportunities

Using your upcoming invoices, Fluenccy provides insight into FX risks and opportunities. In real time, you can can see detailed information such as cost at raise, the current price in local currency and potential future cost.

3. Set up a savings plan

With just a few clicks, you can set up an AI-powered currency plan and automated payment for international invoices. You'll receive regular email updates so you always stay informed.

Start saving on international payments with Fluenccy

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