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Currency Score™ offer unique insight into the bottom line impact of your current payment strategy.

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How it works

Fluenccy’s Currency Score equips your business with a suite of BI reporting tools, whenever you need them.

Within a few clicks, see how effective your business has been at paying invoices over the last 12 months and receive automated, non-advisory coaching on how to minimise losses and plan for future savings.

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One easy-to-understand number

Currency Score assesses your business' past international payments using powerful, SME-friendly software.

Reviewing the rates achieved and the amount of risk your business has been exposed to, it shows how effective your payments were versus the industry benchmark.  

This is all represented in one number: a Currency Score - the simple signifier of your business' existing strategy and any significant savings you could make.

Want to dive deeper?

Performance Charts

Understand how your foreign invoice payments have directly impacted your bottom line, and the effects of paying them month-by-month, invoice-by-invoice.

Invoice Tracker

Foreign invoices have a life of their own. With their value always fluctuating, Fluenccy allows you to track the local cost of foreign invoices over time.

Xero Approved App Partner

The secure integration between Xero and Fluenccy offers straightforward foreign invoice planning tools that empower you to grow your business.

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"SMEs don’t have the time and tools to get the best deal on their foreign invoices. They repeatedly get caught out with poor rates that cost them thousands each year. We set out to fix this old financial problem using new technology."

Tony Crivelli - CEO & Co-founder of Fluenccy

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