How well is your foreign invoice strategy really performing?

Currency Score shows how your foreign invoice strategy is performing against the industry benchmark, and where your rates could improve to reduce waste and increase profit.

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Get the full foreign currency picture for your business

With a comprehensive, uncomplicated view of your business’ foreign currency dealings, Currency Score shows how strong your FX strategy has been performing. Using our algorithms, you can even check how well you’re doing against the industry benchmark.

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FX rates don’t even out over time.

Using a few simple indicators, Currency Score shows how your FX rate has changed over the past 12 months and the better rate you could have paid.

Easily upload your invoices and see how your currency strategy stacks up in under 5 minutes. Safe, affordable and fast.

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"In 2020, SMEs wasted an average $32,500 on poor foreign exchange rates and unnecessary mark-ups on their international payments."

Tony Crivelli - CEO & Co-founder of Fluenccy

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