Fluenccy Advisory Board

Learn about the expert advisors behind the scenes.

Justin Logan

Commercial Advisor

Justin has extensive expertise in Business Development, Relationship Management and Customer Success across the Fintech Industry and financial markets. Originally from the cross-border payments industry, Justin has held numerous senior positions including Australian Country Manager for Western Union Business Solutions.

Justin currently sits on the Executive of iSelect as Head of Commercial -Telco & Energy and  holds a Bachelor of Economics from Monash University.

Keith Miller

Partnerships Advisor

Keith comes with extensive experience in the cross-border payments technology space in the UK and the USA. His career has been spent developing teams to drive market share and growth through a rigorous devotion to improve customer experiences and business customer outcomes.

Keith graduated from Loughborough University in the UK with a BSc in Industrial Design & Technology and is a Co-Founder at mindhamok.

Paul Koopmans

Sales Advisor

Paul is an innovative, digitally savvy business leader with a professional passion for driving organisational sales growth through a culture founded on vision, alignment and team commitment.

As Regional Director of Sales for AFEX, Paul was instrumental in transforming the sales business, implementing process and rigour to double top-line revenue and position the business for a highly successful Fortune 500 exit in 2021.

Paul holds an MBA from Swinburne University of Technology and is based in Sydney, Australia.

Tobias Davis

Treasury Advisor

Tobias is highly proficient in financial markets and Treasury risk management across a number of asset classes. Prior to joining Tullett’s, Tobias headed Treasury Sales for Western Union International Bank UK and provided Corporate's with advanced currency risk hedging strategies.

Tobias joined Tullett Prebon in 2016 to help oversee the physical and financial LNG broking desk in London. Moving to Singapore in early 2018, he manages and continues to develop the LNG business across Asia and the Middle East region.

Tobias holds a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance and a Post Graduate Diploma in Economics.