About Fluenccy

Learn about the history of Fluenccy and the team dedicated to helping businesses save on foreign invoices.

A team with a purpose...

We wanted to fix an ongoing problem that would help businesses through difficult – and prosperous – periods. Our vision at Fluenccy is to make foreign currency simple; to enable greater savings with smart technology.

Buying currency at the right rate and the right time is still hard today. Many companies lack the time and tools to see the full impact foreign exchange movement is having on their business. In addition, they often don’t access expertise and just accept the rate on the day. They are missing out on better rates.

Fluenccy offers businesses of all sizes clear insights into the impact currency movements have on their foreign invoices, and allows them to easily see, understand and pickup real savings on foreign currency. Our software was built for businesses to ensure the cost of their foreign invoices is the right one for their business, and makes for a smarter cross border payment service.

Simplicity and ease is at the heart of what we do. We don’t use currency jargon and we don’t provide currency forecasts either. Instead, we work with your existing processes and data to deliver a smart currency plan that will deliver real and regular FX savings.

The team at Fluenccy has been supporting businesses and their international invoice needs for decades.

We're Fluenccy, and we're fluent in currency.

Tony Crivelli, Fluenccy Founder and CEO

Tony Crivelli


Tony Crivelli has worked in FX and cross-border payments his entire professional life. As Senior Vice President of B2B payments team for Western Union, Tony worked with customers and partners across 20+ countries ranging from SMEs to large financial institutions.

Tony has held other senior roles at Western Union, including Vice President for UK and Europe, Vice President of Global Hedging Strategy, and Vice President for APAC. He has more than 25 years of leadership experience in payments and currency hedging having started his career at National Australia Bank and Travelex.

Tony holds a Bachelor of Business from Monash University and an Executive MBA from the London Business School.

Sushant Sahani


Sushant has been delivering innovation and product-led growth for Fortune 500 companies for over two decades.

A recipient of many awards including Payments Innovation of the Year Award, FinTech Breakthrough Award, and Best B2B Marketplace Award, Sushant's vision in the payments space is second to none.

Sushant has held senior roles at some of the industries titans including Cisco, Salesforce, Western Union and Travelex, and holds an MBA in Marketing and E-commerce.