The Fluenccy Story

A word from our founder

The COVID-19 crisis hit SMEs harder than almost any other business segment. Many of them incurred large currency-related losses, losses that made it even harder for them to survive. Seeing businesses struggle to stay afloat inspired me to launch Fluenccy. I wanted to help fix an ongoing problem that could help SMEs through difficult – and prosperous – periods. Our vision at Fluenccy is to make foreign currency simple and enable better rates for more business.

Currency management is hard. Many SMEs lack the time and tools to see the full impact foreign exchange is having on their business. That's only part of the challenge. SMBs still lack the expertise to develop and compare effective currency management strategies. Unfortunately they usually give up and accept the rate of the day. That's not the answer.

We built Fluenccy for SMEs that want a simple plan to ensure the cost of a foreign currency invoice is the right one for their business. By giving them clear and insightful visuals of the impact of foreign currency movement on their invoices, we have created a platform that lets them see, understand, and improve the way they buy currency for their cross-border payments.

We don't use currency jargon, nor do we provide currency forecasts. We don't even sell currency. We take a different approach and integrate with your accounting software so you or your accountant can see how you're doing on your foreign invoices.

We provide you with knowledge and coaching so you understand where and how you can maximize your cash flow. Most importantly, we help you build a simple currency plan that works for you and your business.

Fluenccy's currency plans are easy to set up on your own or with your accountant, but we're also here if you need us. The team at Fluenccy has been supporting SMEs and their international invoice needs for decades.

We're Fluenccy, and we're fluent in currency.

Tony Crivelli, Fluenccy Founder and CEO

Tony Crivelli

Founder & CEO

Tony's children say his greatest asset is his head of hair. Fortunately, Tony has other assets and experiences that come in handy as CEO and Founder of Fluenccy.

Tony Crivelli has worked with SMEs and cross-border payments his entire professional life. As Senior Vice President of the B2B payments team for Western Union, Tony worked with customers and partners across 20+ countries ranging from SMEs to large financial institutions.SME's needs vary but his approach is consistent: 'Get to know each customer's business and care for it as your own'. This customer-centric approach is at the core of Fluenccy's efforts to help SMEs make better financial decisions and grow faster.

Tony also held other senior roles at Western Union, including Vice President for the UK and Europe, Vice President of Global Hedging Strategy, and Vice President of APAC. He has more than 25 years of leadership experience in payments and currency hedging having started his career at National Australia Bank and Travelex.Before recently returning to Australia, Tony spent eight years in London with his wife and three children.

He has a Bachelor of Business from Monash University and an Executive MBA from the London Business School. Unlike Tony's hair, his knees are not so evergreen and after 5 marathons including New York and London, he has recently had to swap the runners for the lycra. You can follow his very mediocre training on Strava if you're looking for some easy times to beat.

Mark O'Meagher

Head of Technology

Mark is a born and bred New Zealander and avid cricket fan now living in Munich, where he spends hours explaining the LBW law to his two German-born children.

As Head of Technology, Mark is responsible for delivering the Fluenccy technology platform, ensuring the application is fast, secure, and accurate.Before joining Fluenccy, Mark was CTO of the FinTech start-up TransGlobal Payment Solutions. The platform supported trading in 130 currencies and sent payments to over 180 countries using multiple methods of distribution. After being acquired by Equiniti, Mark spent the next five years expanding the technology team of one to a team of 30 spread across four countries and scaling the platform to support hundreds of thousands of transactions in a single payment run.

Mark has been developing enterprise-grade web applications for over 20 years, continually adopting the latest techniques and technologies. An avid supporter of DevOps methodology, Mark drives rapid product features delivery without compromising on quality. His goal at Fluenccy is to leverage these techniques to continually add new and exciting features to the platform to drive customer adoption.

Mark - CTO