Fluenccy, The FX Insight App For SMEs, Is Now Xero Certified

Tony Crivelli
August 5, 2021

We’re so pleased to announce that Fluenccy is now officially a Xero Certified App Partner!

During our build, we knew pretty quickly that Xero had to be a primary integration partner. With their intuitive accounting software, success in making the complicated simple, and their aim to serve the small business community with innovative tools, our missions and values aligned perfectly from the start. 

Fluenccy is a SaaS app that provides SMEs with the actionable, uncomplicated FX insight that’s been missing for too long for this market. The lack of time, expertise and resources has resulted in huge losses for SMEs while corporations continue to gain in their foreign bills and transactions. 

In 2020, on average, SMEs wasted $32,500 on their FX simply through using their bank. 

Who is Fluenccy?

Fluenccy doesn’t sell FX or provide currency forecasting. Instead, our integration with Xero works with SMEs to make even greater, more efficient use of their invoices for better FX rates. 

By utilising international invoice data within Xero, we are fixing the way SMEs manage the fluctuations in their FX bills and improving the terms of vendors issuing FX invoices through our tailored coaching and currency plans. 

As experts with a combined 30+ years’ experience working with SMEs and their foreign currency plans, we’re all about getting more business through a smart, sustainable approach. 

So, how does the Xero + Fluenccy work?

1. Review 

Using the secure Xero integration, in under 5 minutes, users can review how their foreign currency invoices have performed over the past 12 months and even see how well they compare to their Industry Benchmark. No jargon or complicated graphs involved. 

Xero and Fluenccy syncs safely each day for a new Currency Score each month. Only the relevant Invoice and Payment data is synced while no PII – supplier pricing or customer data is never seen or accessed. 

2. Plan

With this comprehensive and user-friendly insight, Fluenccy help to coach SMEs to understand where margin savings can be made, and how to improve their FX rate for more consistency and business growth. 

3. Manage

Fluenccy’s coaching gives SMEs the knowledge to build a strong FX plan that can be implemented and even managed by the app, while still leaving them in full control of which providers they want to use and if the plan needs to change. 

The Xero Approval

Partnering with Xero was one thing for us at Fluenccy, but getting the bright blue stamp was another. Passing Xero’s multiple checkpoints to ensure only the best apps make the grade means as a business, we’re confident we’re working with only the best, the most respected and most trusted the world over. And they think the same of us too. 

We believe small business is the backbone of any growing community, and by joining with Xero - the champions of SMEs - we can help more do international business, better. 

We’re Fluenccy, and we’re fluent in currency. 

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